Our diverse range of services covers all aspects of graphic design, publishing design, web design, branding, corporate identity, photography, illustration, information graphics and animation. We are just as happy designing a beautiful integrated book, as coding a responsive website. We combine traditional skills with an acute awareness of changing methods of communication and technologies.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. If you want something A.S.A.P, by C.O.B, or F.T.I.T.M. then we’d be happy to help. We always aim to add a little something extra to the work we do, whether it is helping write copy, spotting typos, or suggesting ways to improve your SEO. We make it our business to understand your business and if our clients are truly happy, then we’re happy too.

What can we offer?
Publishing design
We've always loved books and magazines, and we have over 50 years combined experience of publishing design. We design book covers and text pages, as well as marketing and promotional materials. We've worked with many publishers in the UK and we often complement in-house design teams. We are vastly experienced at creating magazines and journals and we are adept at managing large projects to exacting deadlines.Click here to see some of the books we have designed.
Web design
Mercer Design have been designing for the web for a long, long time. We've designed and built large and small websites… from simple brochure sites for start-up companies, to large e-commerce websites for online trading. Our sites look great and focus on the user experience. Most of the sites that we now create are responsive, which means that the website changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on.Click here to see examples of websites we've designed.
Branding and recognition go hand in hand. Consumers are increasingly brand-aware and a memorable brand, consistently applied is a vital part of modern business. Strong brands differentiate between competitors and ultimately add value to a company. Mercer Design work with start-ups to design new brands, and we work with established companies to refine or apply their branding.Click here to see examples of our branding and identity work.
We're not photographers, but we take brilliant photos. Many of our clients ask us to take photographs for them. Why? Because we understand exactly how photographs will be used, whether online or in print. And if we are not actually behind the lens, we have proven skills in Art direction.Click here to see examples of photos we've taken.
Illustration & Infographics
Strong illustration is an essential part of good design and we often create illustrations for our clients. From anatomical illustrations of arachnids for the Natural History Museum to beautiful maps for wine merchants. We are also regularly commissioned to create illustrative infographics and icons. Infographics can communicate complex information in a visually exciting way.Click here to see some of the illustrations and infographics we've created.