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Illustration & Infographics

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Illustrations and infographics help to communicate information in a visually exciting and easy to understand way. Illustrations capture people’s attention and can educate, inform and develop imagination. Information graphics visually present ideas and communicate facts and figures quickly or convey a message or story. Essentially illustration conveys concepts in a visual way.

  • Information graphics
  • Icon design
  • Anatomical illustration

Illustration covers a diverse range of image making. We understand how illustrations will be used within the broader scope of print and web projects. We create unique icons and infographics as well as both hand drawn and digital illustrations. We have the capability in-house to illustrate many projects, but we also work with specialist illustrators. Mercer Design will help you develop the perfect graphic imagery for your needs.

  • Hand drawn illustration
  • Digital illustration
  • Map design

Check out some of our infographic and illustration projets below